Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ruby & Bobby’s Doggy Holiday Photos

This Blog is dedicated to Ruby & Bobby’s human Mummy & Daddy


These two little yorkies were such a pleasure to have stay, they made loads of friends and Lucy adores them soooooo much.

Below you will see all the photos of Ruby & Bobby having so much fun on their holiday : -)

(Click the images for SUPER sized images on slide show)

Special doggy holiday for pampered dogs
Bobby, on his doggy holiday with Duke and Lucy

home boarding

dog boarding

licensed home dog

Dont they all look sweet : -)

fully licensed & insured
Just been playing

5star pampering treatment for your beloved pooch
Hello we are having playtime

a kinder alternative to kennels
Its a very windy day but Bobby and Ruby dont mind

there are no kennels here
Bobby with his friend Duke

dogs home from home in Rotherham


Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Just thrown a ball and look at all of them go... he he


Got toy

Loves playing with toys, and loves balls

Smiling for the camera

Lucy and Ruby playing chase

Comfy seat by the window : -)

Such a pretty little girl : -)

Awww lovely

Bobby & Ruby with Lucy and Norris

Just the bestest of friends : -)

Always playing

Running and playing with a ball

All happily playing tug : -)

Ruby loves to play and chase

Awww .. bless : -)

Throwing toys and watching them catch and play chase, lol

Happy faces : -)

Brill... super fun playtime indeed! : -)

They got on sooooooo well : -)

Look at all the toys lol, each morning one by one the doggies bring them all out in the garden : -)

Ruby is hiding a teddy

OMG look at the size of the hole Ruby did in our garden? (only joking) lol, we dug a hole for a tree and Ruby is using the hole to bury her teddy, LOL.

Perhaps we shall have a teddy tree? lol


We all look forward to having them both stay again on their next holiday.

Give them both a huge big kiss and hug from us all

Kind Regards


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