Friday, 19 April 2013

Rafa's Holiday : - )

This blog is dedicated to the owners of little “Rafa” he is such a lovable little dog.
Rafa settled in straight away as he had been here before and soon stated to enjoy his holiday playing with Lucy and the other dogs what also stayed here.
Rafa loved to play, play and even more play. He was such a pleasure to have staying here.

Rafa playing with Lucy and Nevis

Cute photo of Rafa running sneeking up on Lucy, lol



They are ready for me throwing teddy again : -)

About to go out and play they got along soooooo well : -)

All the toys about and Rafa & Lucy playing chase with a plastic bottle, lol

Rafa getting a chase : -)

Not much difference in sizes, lol

They had me trained throwing teddys and toys

Rafa posing so nice for camera with his friend Nevis

Rafa going home today - Such a lovely dog :- )

We look forward to having little Rafa here on his next holidays give Rafa a big kiss from us all : -)

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Elsie's Holiday at Fern Villa

This blog is dedicated for Elise the lovely Bedlington terrier’s owners.

We all LOVE having Elsie here every time she comes for a doggy holiday, there are a few fun doggy holiday snaps below and Elsie made again new doggy friends.


She is always fun to have around.

Elsie having fun playing with Lucy

Elsie spotted Lucy on the garden

Elsie playing with her new good friend Indie

Yipee playtime

Look at them run (i just threw a toy) lol

playing chase games

smiling for the camera

more playtime, and toys : -)

Aww look at Elsie, so sweet

Elsie just loves to play, play and even more play

Elsie couldnt resist to join in the fun

good game of chase

always having fun playing

Dont they all look cute : -)

Opp's Elsie must be camera shy - or wants to eat it lol

more play

playing tug on an old sock rag

playing tug and then chase

Elsie can run soooooo fast lol


Elsie is such a pleasure to have here and we all look forward to her
next doggy holiday here at Fern Villa

Kind Regards

(Give Elsie a big kiss from us all) x