Sunday, 8 November 2015

Photos of the cuties

A few photo's of the cuties at

Told Poppy to smile for her Mummy .... lol

Poppy on her walkies with Lucy 

Poppy & toys

Poppy & Alfie 


Gorgeous little doggy gang

Bless, these dogs are so lovely. .. ×

Monday, 2 November 2015

Lucy's Special Holiday at Cornwall

Lucy's Special Holiday at Penzance, Cornwall. Us humans were just there to carry the bags. Lucy kepted us on lead at all times on her adventures.

The blog is written by Lucy... x

On way going to Sennen Cove, I'm in a cafe (yummy) mummy & daddy says it's the edge of the world location for my holiday. ..

Shattered after a very long drive.

Nice views from my living room window. It's amazing the grass is blue?

Been watching the blue grass moving & big birds flying. It's tiring work : )

Yippee it's time to play at being a puppy again, love it, brilliant.

Yet another National Trust place for a good hike, I must make sure my humans keep up with me exploring.

Look at my happy face

A lake next to the sea. 
When mummy says sea-side in a funny voice I go all daft!

Hurry up oldies

Another adventure, I like to walk all day long.

I'm shattered, been walking all day long  

Not playing now, I just want me tea!

Huh, I had to go straight in the bath! Bloody cream sofa! I'm sleeping with teddy:) ... ×

Lands End, Mummy says this is the edge of the world.

I can see for miles, everything is just blue?

This is where I watched the sunset with Mummy holding me in her arms, kissing my head. Think Daddy felt left out ....... again! hahaha

An old copper mine / ruins to explore and sniff.

Yeah looking for treasures 

Spooky, I must explore and drag mummy down here.

Nope, no ghosts, but lots of interesting smells.

Yippee I'm running very fast

Smells good 

Must come here more often.

Sure I smell a rabbit 

Think I will go in that door way and get Mummy stuck! Hehehe 

Daddy would definitely get stuck with his belly!

Wonderful, I must run everywhere really fast!

Bliss, needed this rest.

Exciting St Michaels Mount, can't believe it we walked through the sea to get here WITHOUT  mummy screaming all the way!

Just admiring the bench

Lots of good new things to explore 


Hmm interesting 

Tropical gardens, 

It's like paradise here.

Wow that's a big bird!

Got one of these in my garden, they are peeing posts :)


Getting dirty again, wonder if I dry clean? Don't want another bath!

Hurry up humans!

Smells great, I love to wee - wee's on sea-weed.

Me posing for the camera 

Wow loads to walk around, think I will walk round everything really, really fast 

Hiya Mummy

I'm making sure I explore everywhere 

Down here, ignore path!

Enjoying the sights and thinking of 
dinner time :)


Lots of seating 

I found a crisp and bit of bun but Mummy didn't let me eat it!

I was fascinated by this drain

I'm getting sleepy but there's no stopping me.

Another adventure 

Look at that, it's a running bath!

Nice but prefer to paddle in it!

Let's move on then if I can't roll in it.

I smell good things

This is when I didn't notice them!

Then I did!

Oh boy, the fish were fantastic 

I just wanted to get in and sniff, but I wasn't allowed a meet & greet :(

I stayed here half an hour, and never lost interest.

I had an awesome special doggy holiday and love Mummy more than Daddy.

Lots of licks