Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Connie’s holiday fun photos at Fern Villa.

Hi all below are some fun photos of Connie and Lucy’s time together, whilst Connie stayed at Fern Villa for a little holiday.

Fern Villa: EXCLUSIVE home boarding for Toy & Small dogs

Then after much play and adventures they both went for a little rest.

TLC Alternative to kennels
and then 30 seconds later ....

Local Authority Licensed
After much rest, and plenty of really loud snoring and new day arises.
Spacious house & secured grounds
Naughty mummy ... LOL
Lucy agrees with the swap she'll agree to anything for a toy.

Fern Villa, Broom Terrace, Broom, Rotherham, South Yorkshire,

Connie soon works out how to use the AiKiou Dog Bowl and after many little sliding draws opening and shutting; Connie does reveal some highly tasty snacks……. Then Lucy joins in for the final hardest central sliding compartment.
Daily walks & exercise
After much play, and treats, its time to explore the 4th floor of the house.
Fully licensed, and insured, very reasonable rates.

Connie just couldn’t resist running round the room, trying to catch the teddies.
And finally the day comes to a sweet end.
Your dog will receive the best 5* treatment whilst your having your holiday or called away on business.
Looking forward for Connie to stay again, she is such a sweet lovely dog, with a unique snore that sounds so soothing. lol
Connie’s Mummy, give Connie and big kiss from us all at Fern Villa and we all look forward to her staying again some time soon on her next holiday.
Love Jo