Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Lucy's Special Holiday in East Sussex

Lucy had an amazing time in East Sussex. She allowed us humans to follow her and tend to all her pampering needs.
She visited loads of National Trust places,  and also some gorgeous coastal destinations her favourite place was Eastbourne.

The blog below is written by Lucy. .....



Yippee we are on our way to our holiday. Mummy told me that Daddy doesn't have to be on a healthy eating diet for a full week! So they kepted stopping every hour at services for loads of JUNK FOOD. So a 5 hour journey took EIGHT hours to get there in the end.... hahaha 
Mummy wont go anywhere unless there are trees and shade as it cooler. But look at me in my lovely cool vest, I love it. And I feel like I've had a cold bath... (I like to act daft when I'm all wet... hahaha)

Love this place

I just LOVE watching fish! It could be one of my best past-times. 

Exploring anything and everything

It's hard work all this exploring

I'm smiling and smelling the summer breeze 

Phew .... I'm shattered been to 2 National Trust places, and Brighton. I shared an ice cream with my Mummy on the promenade.

New day, new adventures. Going to make my humans walk miles today ... x 

Yep that's nice

Like this

Smells good

Wow, now that is a fantastic garden 

Look at me, I'm doing a show trot... hahaha 

My tail is high, I'm happy, you wouldn't believe I had a 2 ruptured disks early last year would you?
Springfields vets, and Acupuncture and of course Mummy & Daddys love made it all better.
I feel so good now .... x


Great more ponds to watch

What's down here?

What's in here?

Down here humans. ...haha

All these wonderful places to explore 

I'm sniffing a hole?

That was the hole.


Nice morning walk 

Fab place 

Gosh, I can't have a pee in peace!

Follow me..

We enjoyed our rest and picnic here

Mummy has to plan all walks that's not through cow fields... haha chicken Mummy lol
Rest time is over..
Look at me :)

I'm beautiful I know :) lol

Smiling face

Mummy is blowing me kisses

Some strange trees?

Yep trees grow weird down here?

Better than any programme on television this.

Think I will watch fish for 20mins!

Wonderful, I'm not a typical spaniel though as I never even dip my paws in the water.

More fun

New fish

I'm watching my own reflection. .. hahaha 


Squirrels everywhere 

More exploring 

Gosh I want a layin this morning. ..!

Back home now, gosh the journey time home took TWICE as long! Daddy knew it was the last day of his junk food, his diets resumes tomorrow haha.

Also Daddy says the SatNav was taking us past Buckingham Palace so we had to detour  as Daddy got lost using the Sat Nav. 
Silly Daddy,...

Anyway folks that's my holiday hope you enjoyed :)

Love from Lucy xx
PS: Still love Mummy more than Daddy. .. lol. X