Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Dolly on her 1st Doggy Holiday … : -)

This blog is dedicated for the owners of Dolly.

Dolly had her very 1st doggy holiday at Fern Villa, she was such a pleasure to have around and fitted in and enjoyed herself instantly : -)
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Little Dolly on her 1st holiday

Dolly with her friends Norris and Lucy

Dolly and her friend Chicco

Dolly loved her new little friends ... :- )

Dolly saying hello

There are just a few photos of Dolly as her stay was a mini-break, and we all look forward to Dolly’s next holiday here at Fern Villa.

Monday, 27 May 2013

Norris and his friends on his Doggy Holiday

This blog is dedicated for the owners of Norris the adorable Shih Tzu as you will see by the photos he certainly LOVES to play. (That is why I couldn't resist taking loads of photos of Norris’s Doggy Holiday) : -)

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Norris enjoying his holiday

Norris & Lucy

Norris with his friends Bobby, Ruby and Lucy

Look at all the toys they carried out, lol

Norris running very fast playing chase

There goes Lucy chasing Norris

sooooooo fast : -)

Norris after a face wash : -)

Norris jumping up to camera - after face wash LOL

Norris and Betty and Alfie

Norris using the garden slope to get to lower garden

Group photo of Norris's Friends

So fast, always having fun

Norris LOVES his friends they got on Soooo well : -)

Norris having a afternoon rest (using Lucy as a pillow) lol

Norris had such a wonderful time ... x

We all look forward to having lovely Norris stay again on his next holiday.

Give Norris a huge big kiss from us all

Kind Regards


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