Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Duke the adorable cocker spaniel (Dukes Doggy Holiday Photos)

This Blog is dedicated to Duke’s human Mummy & Daddy

Duke soon settled in and sprung into life, playing, playing and yes even more playing. Below are all Duke fun time doggy holiday photos.

Duke on his holiday playing with Lucy

Duke loves toys and playtime

Duke does not know which toy to play with first, yipee.....

Duke is coming Lucy ... lol

playing chase

They played and played all the time : -)

Look at them go .... fun times : - )

Duke could play all the time

Duke with Lucy and his new friend Nevis

Look at them Goooooooooo : - )

They are running - doing laps of garden upper and lower level very FAST

Lucy Duke and Nevis all playing chase

Flower teddy and chase... x

They are having so much fun

Love this photo, you'll not believe just how hard it is to take photos of them all with the sheer speed : -)

Every day Duke and Lucy like to play on bean bag, lol

Awww they look so cute

Smiling for the camera

Duke, Lucy and Bobby

Looking so innocent, lol

Group photo of Duke's friends, Lucy, Bobby & Ruby

The two males, Duke and Bobby : -)

Back to play time now

Brill photo : -)

Duke having a whale of a fun time on his holidays : -)

We all look forward to having Duke staying again on his next holiday and Lucy can not wait to play with him again.

Give Duke a big kiss and hug from us all

Kind Regards


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