Tuesday, 7 May 2013

NEVIS … All the fun and adventures of Nevis’s Dog Holiday

This Blog is dedicated to Nevis’s Mummy.


Nevis is such a lovely doggy, and as always she is such pleasure having around on her doggy holiday. Below are quite a few photos of Nevis having fun whilst on her days at Fern Villa.
Nevis on a sunny day with her freinds

Nevis, her best friend Lucy and Indie (cockerpoo)

Nevis relaxing, and watching Indi fooling around :- )

Nevis is joining in with the games

Dont they look so cute together ..... x

A bit of 'rare' sunshine and Nevis is sunbathing

Lucy and Nevi (one of their favourite spots for having a sit down)

Nevis going for a toy

I said smile Nevis .... lol


Nevis loved to play with Rafa as well

Getting ready for playtime in the garden


Nevis posing for camera with Rafa

Nevis LOVES this squeaky toy

Nevis and her Lucy and her new friend Duke

Lucy being chased by Duke and Nevis : - )

Nevis loves to play chase

Nevis runs so fast

Nevis had just had a face wash : -)

Yipee chasing games and toys again

Lucy and us all send our love to Nevis and we shall look forward to her next stay : -)
Kind Regards
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