Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Doggy Portraits - Local Artist

Hi all,

Thought I would introduce you all to a local artist called Gemma Rae she produces fantastic doggy portraits captured from photographs, what a treat to have a fantastic watercolour large portrait hanging in the pride of place on your living room wall.

We all have to pamper our pooches right? Well here is the time to pamper yourself, take a look at her site and you will see LUCY there, this is a first hand recommendation of her work it is so fantastic.
I recommend Gemma’s work to all.

"Thank you" very much Gemma, you are a truly talented person.

Visit and see Lucy along with all her other work

Saturday, 17 September 2011


Another brilliant doggy video this will make you smile its two dogs dining : - ) enjoy.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Toby's Holiday

Toby was a lovely little Westie who was more or less bigger than Lucy and she’s a working Cocker Spanial (lol) they had a wonderful time together.
Hello Toby : -)

Toby and Lucy having a walk on a lovely summers day.

Back home from walkies and now playing in the garden.

Lucy says: Thanks for a lovely fun time Toby and can not wait to see you next year.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Monday, 6 June 2011

Fern Villa - Dog Home Boarding (Winnie & Penny)

Hello and welcome to Fern Villa – Dog Home Boarding Blog.
I thought I would make a blog to act as a little fun diary on all the staying dogs, as you’ll see by the photos each photo has its own little story.

Below you will see two lovely dogs that came to stay at Fern Villa for their own doggy holiday whilst their human parents went away on holiday. It was such a pleasure in having them around they really got on very well with our resident dog who is called Lucy, (Lucy is a very small sized Cocker Spaniel just over 1 year old) all the dogs were around the same age and loads of fun was had.
All getting to know each other and having fun (The start of the three musketeers)
Good friends in the Garden and about to explore the tunnelled bushes within our garden.(there's a sloped doggy ramp that goes from the lower garden through the bushes and up onto the upper patio area) an ideal doggy exciting garden (which is all secure)

Aww gorgeous Winnie checking out her friends

The three musketeers .. (Penny, Lucy, Winnie) where one went they all went, lol
Penny having a snooze with Lucy on the landing doggy bed, a quick rest before more play... lol

Awww so cute sleeping together : -) whilst Penny was having a cuddle.

Still sleeping .. bless : -)

Princess Penny in Winnies bed, (it was a rare event Penny used her or any basket come to that, lol)

Beautiful Winnie, she loved that puffy and she could peep out of the window if she wished when the blinds were up.
Its time for me and hubby to sit on the floor as sofa is taken, lol .. so cute.

Lucy and Penny would often play a tug game in the early evening when Winnie wanted a rest.
More tugging, and tugging, Penny (on right) often won the tugging game, lol. Penny like the teddies ear and nearly chewed it off so I repaired the teddy to stop stuffing from being exposed (Lucy and Penny say sorry to Winnie as it was her toy) : -)

teddys ear nearly eaten off, so repaired twice, look how much Penny was enjoying that : -)

Lucy and Penny really enjoying playing together.

Back to tugging game again.

And more tugging (Cocker Spaniel Vs King Charles Spaniel) who is going to win?

And the winner yet again is Penny, the smaller dog LOL.

And back to more play, its all fun and games time for the doggies that stop at Fern Villa.

Soooo cute, every early evening Penny would go to Fern Villa's doggy toybox and carry a teddy and tease Lucy to play and that was it for at least 20 mins or much more, lol

Aww so cute, they were both fast asleep together (lucy only woke up as I was getting out my mobile to take the photo, lol) Penny shuffles into Lucy and Lucy Mothers Penny I think, even though Lucy is only 2 months older? lol
Aww bless

Sound asleep.. dont they look CUTE...

lovely x
unbelievable I know, so lovely ....
Lucy and Winnie, they would play and play and play, Penny would have a little join in from time to time.

fun and play time, lol, they were so fast as they ran all over the place playing and it was hard to take a photo, lol

Lucy and Winnie having a short rest, before more play.

Penny and Winnie have a little chill time.

Peek a boo

Winnie enjoying a lovely summers day.

Thank you Winnie and Penny for being wondeful doggies, Lucy is looking forward to more play very soon when you stay again for another holiday.

 Hope you all enjoyed the photos, I'll keep adding little photo stories to this blog to give you an insight of all the fun within Fern Villa.

Bye for now

http://www.fernvilla.com/ Dog's Home Boarding, in Broom Rotherham.