Thursday, 27 September 2012

Blossom – The adorable Bichon Frise

Blossom – The adorable Bichon Frise

This blog is dedicated to the owners of Blossom the lovely affectionate Bichon Frise.
You’ll see a few of Blossoms adventures of Blossom exploring, being with her new friends and playing and also having an relaxing time whilst she stayed at Fern Villa for her doggy holiday.
Blossom saying hello

Blossom with friends enjoying a nice hot day

Lucy (Blossom's friend)

Just having a rest after a play and drink

All chilling out after a fun filled day
All saying hello on a windy summers day

Blossom and Poppy relaxing on the bed

All waiting for a treat (yum yum's time) : -)

Blossom playing with Ollie

Blossom's new friend Rafa

Blossom and Rafa exploring the garden

Blossom playing with teddy, and prompting for a chase, lol

Blossom and Poppy enjoying the summer breeze
We are all looking forward to having Blossom stay with us on her next doggy holiday.
Give Blossom a bid kiss from us all.
Regards all at Fern Villa

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Poppy & Tassie’s holiday photos

This blog is dedicated to the owners of the most adorable couple of Lhasa Apsos  called Poppy & Tassie

Below you will see Poppy & Tassie’s doggy holiday photos of fun times and new doggy friends.


Tassie likes to explore the garden : -)

Poppy with friends

Sun bathing

Poppy taking it easy, looking at Ollie getting his breath back after playing

best of friends

Tassie playing with toys - she loved the squeeky ones best.

Nice pose from Tassie

Tassie and her friend Charlie

Poppy & Blossom on bed

All waiting for a treat (yum yum) time

Poppy & Tassie, Tassie is doing her happy wiggle

Tassie's favourite kong squeeky

Rafa, Tassie and Lucy

Poppy played with little Rafa a lot

Poppy taking the summer breeze in

Sun bathing time

Love this photo : -)

Big hello from Tassie and all doggies at Fern Villa

Looking forward to having Poppy & Tassie stay with us again on their next doggy holiday : -)

Give them both a kiss from us all : -)

With Kind Regards

Jo (Fern Villa)