Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Winnie and Daisy’s Holiday Fun Snaps

This blog is dedicated to the lovely owners of Winnie and Daisy, to show of all their fun playtimes and adventures and also their new doggy friends, whilst they stayed at Fern Villa for a super doggy holiday.
Winnie the little Shipoo has stayed at Fern Villa many times before, and now she has a younger sister who is a designer breed which is a Miniature Poodle/Cocker Spaniel (Cockapoo) called Daisy.
Daisy is so 'adorable' just like Winnie and so playful as you will see by all the photos : -)
Fern Villa is an EXCLUSIVE home boarding service for SMALL breed dogs.
Lucy, Daisy, and Winnie

Strictly no kennels!

We provide much love and special individual attention just like any dog deserves.
Sasha, Daisy, Winnie, and Lucy

We are fully licensed by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council,
Good old well established friends, Winnie & Lucy

 we only home board a small number of dogs at anyone time

If you’re an owner of a small breed dog, rest assured Fern Villa is the holiday place for your dog
Daisys good play friend, Sasha

for the safety and comfort of all staying guests we unlike many other boarding establishments only cater for the niche market exclusively for small breed dogs.

Three musketeers

We have a resident small dog ourselves called Lucy

All staying guests are vetted beforehand to ensure they are socialized, friendly and good mixers and enjoy the company of other little dogs

We are situated in Broom, Rotherham, South Yorkshire.
And more Play

Please see our website for more info: www.fernvilla.com
And more play even after play, lol

Fern Villa: EXCLUSIVE home boarding for Small breed dogs
Ready for teddy throwing games

Fern Villa, Broom Terrace, Broom, Rotherham
Hello, Winnie

EXCLUSIVELY for small breed dogs
Playing chase

Pet Minding in Rotherham
Spot of gardening

Dog Minding in Broom Rotherham
All played together

Dog sitting in Rotherham
Toys time (again) lol

Rotherham's number ONE best dog home boarding service for small dogs.
Lucy has been chased for the ball

Pamperd Pooches in South Yorkshire

Dog Home Boarding, NOT a kennel in site!
More gardening time

Luxury home comforts for your dog
Hee hee hee

Your treasured dog comes to live with us as a special valued guest
Daisy running tooooooooo fast for camera, lol

Doggy friendly home

Safe home, safe and enclosed garden
Playful times

Loads of toys, time and affection for your dog

Does your dog normally sleep on your bed? No problem, they are welcome anywhere in our home.

Fern Villa, provides a loving, calm, safe environment for your dog at all times.
Casing games

Fern Villa, Broom Terrace, Broom, Rotherham, South Yorkshire
Lucy chasing Daisy, lol

Fern Villa, provides a loving, calm, safe environment for your dog at all times.

Fern Villa, Broom Terrace, Broom, Rotherham, South Yorkshire

Whilst your on holiday, texts, emails, for updates are always welcome (no charge)

Holiday Home for special little dogs
Winnie in one of her favourite places

Dogs home from home service

Dogs live here as part of the family

Peace of mind for your dog
Daisy chasing really fast Sasha, lol

Holiday Home for special little dogs

Dogs home from home service
Teddy playtime

Dogs live here as part of the family

Dogs are always supervised, never left alone
I was just walking down the hallway and Daisy was spying on me, lol

Daily walks, exercise, loads of playtime, lots of stimulation toys
Playing all the time

Dogs enjoy their time whilst staying at Fern Villa,
Winnie and Daisy playing

Rotherham’s number one dog home boarding

References available
Running and playing really fast

Free no-obligation trial visits

TLC Alternative to kennels

Daily walks & exercise
Opps daisy running to fast for camera LOL

Local Authority Licensed
Daisy chasing Lucy

All dogs live in our house

FREE preliminary trial visits

Spacious house & secured grounds
Winnie and her younger sister Daisy : -)

Three good freinds for life : -)


Tel: 07943182930
Four good play friends

Special diets can be catered for
Best of the Class for: (Playing August 2012)

 grooming, bathing and administering of medication at no extra cost
Butter wouldnt melt............... lol

Dogs of any age and dogs with disabilities are most welcome

 Dogs we cater for should be fully vaccinated, females not in season, and males should be neutered if over 1 year old.

Your dog will receive the best 5* treatment whilst your having your holiday or called away on business.

Your dog will have a holiday too, living as part of our family.

Professional caring service guaranteed and complete peace of mind offered.
Winnie and Daisy's Mummy and Daddy are due any second lol.

Having Winnie and Daisy stay at Fern Villa was so much fun, we all enjoyed such a fantastic doggy holiday and look forward to seeing them again soon.
Love Jo
p.s Lucy sends all her kissers xx