Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Poppy & Tassie’s holiday photos

This blog is dedicated to the owners of the most adorable couple of Lhasa Apsos  called Poppy & Tassie

Below you will see Poppy & Tassie’s doggy holiday photos of fun times and new doggy friends.


Tassie likes to explore the garden : -)

Poppy with friends

Sun bathing

Poppy taking it easy, looking at Ollie getting his breath back after playing

best of friends

Tassie playing with toys - she loved the squeeky ones best.

Nice pose from Tassie

Tassie and her friend Charlie

Poppy & Blossom on bed

All waiting for a treat (yum yum) time

Poppy & Tassie, Tassie is doing her happy wiggle

Tassie's favourite kong squeeky

Rafa, Tassie and Lucy

Poppy played with little Rafa a lot

Poppy taking the summer breeze in

Sun bathing time

Love this photo : -)

Big hello from Tassie and all doggies at Fern Villa

Looking forward to having Poppy & Tassie stay with us again on their next doggy holiday : -)

Give them both a kiss from us all : -)

With Kind Regards

Jo (Fern Villa)