Friday, 14 September 2012

OLLIE … The Adorable Shih Tzu Holiday Photos

This blog is dedicated to the lovely owners of the most adorable Shih Tzu called Ollie.
You’ll see loads of photos of Ollie’s adventures;
Ollie loves to play,
both Ollie and Lucy (resident dog) formed a good special friendship as you will see : -)
Best of friends

so cute

Lucy & Ollie

Ollie's friends,

Ollie & Blossom

Fast asleep, had a really busy day


always playing

Ollie exploring with Tassie

Teddy playtime

sweet dreams (bless) : -)

Ollie not knowing who to play with first, lol

Playtime with Lucy, lol


Defiantly enjoying his holidays, lol

super squeeky toy, Ollie loved, lol

playing chase-me-lucy

stopping and smiling for the camera

Ollie wants to kiss the camera, lol

Ollie playing with plastic bottle with a hole in it filled with treats, he's good at rolling them out : -)

busy day playing : -)

It's what we call "Nan-Night Milkies" time : -)

another day and more fun and games to be had

chasing again

look how fast Ollie can run, hee hee

Ollie having a little rest with Poppy

Dont they look lovely : -)

Ollie has just been running round playing for ages

Lazing enjoying the sun

Sleepy times again

Ollie posing for the camera with his friends

Every morning Ollie would take great pride in grooming Lucy's face for her : -)

So cute

Ollie just had a bath and been having a play, again, LOL
We look forward to having Ollie visit again on his next doggy holidays,
and Lucy says a special BIG thank you for the super teddies donated by Ollie’s owners.
Love Jo