Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Indie's Holiday

This photo blog is dedicated to the owners of lovely Indie.
Indie had such a lovely time on her doggy holiday as you will see by all her fun and adventure doggy photos seen below. When you dropped your baby off within the first 20 minutes Indie soon came out of her shell she just couldn’t resist the ball and teddy throwing playtime and soon happily joined in playing with the other dogs. Indie was such a playful and loving dog and soon became everyone’s best friend.

She is such an adorable doggie …..

Indie and her friend Elsie, getting ready for playtime

Lucy is joining in on the fun

What a FAB photo, look at them having fun... (i throw a teddy) lol

A happy face

Chasing doing a large circuit around and around, upper level – through bushes and down slope to lower level, again and again and again : -)

Lucy joining in with Indie and Elsie

Look at Indie she IS smiling : -)

Toys, fun and games .. we had LOADS of playtimes they were just fab.

Lucy prompting for a chase

Indie and Elsie around the same age : -) play.. play and play.. lol

Every night, its chewing time and Indie LOVED to select a Stag Bar (natural deer antler), mainly on our bed LOL.

yum yums

They last for a long long time, we always have plently in stock for all our little guests for chew time.

some dogs dont bother with them - most like them - and Indie loved them : -)

still chewing, must taste nicer eating it on our bed, lol

bless her : -)

back to fun and games


All playing so happily together

Indie wants a chase

Indie has a toy in her mouth, running round with the rest, lol

Now dont they look so happy playing

That's a photo of sheer happiness : -)

running sooooooo fast

lol, doing the circuit again

Indie enjoying her holiday

Indie's Holiday with her friends (take 1 = Elsie moved)

Indie's Holiday with her friends (take 2 = Indie's looking away)

Add Indie's Holiday with her friends (take 3 = Lucy walked away, lol) But its really nice with Indie and Elsie : -)

Indie's Holiday with her friends (take 4 = lol, Indie is looking at the camera at least, lol)

Indie playing with a bigger squashy ball

Tugging a old sock rag : -)

killing a old sock rag now, lol

Indie thinking i want that teddy

Indie has got that teddy now for a chase ..

Playing again : -)

Indie loves being chased

Indie and her friends had been playing for hours, lol

Indie having a little rest .. before more play

A quick water break : -)

Pretty little girls : -)

Indie has a new friend called Nevis

Both Indie and Lucy love playing with an empty plastic bottle - must be a spaniel thing, lol

Love this photo for loads of reasons, Indie is chasing lucy with the plastic bottle lol, and look at Lucy's ears they were running really fast lol

ha ha :- )

Indie is posing for the camera saying hello Mummy and Daddy look at me having sooooooooooo much fun LOL.

Indie is so good with a football

Indie always selects a toy out of the toybox in the house and brings it outside to play with : -)

smiling : -)

I threw the football and Indie is in the process of jumping up getting it : -)

Spaniel ears lol

Awww Indie is playing with a teddy that is the same colourings as her

The day that Indie is going home : -)

It was such a pleasure having Indie here, and we all look forward to Indie’s next holiday some time : -)

Give Indie a big kiss from us all at Fern Villa

Kind Regards