Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Nevis on her Doggy Holiday


Whilst Nevis was on her doggy holiday she told me to capture some fun photos of her and post them here on this photo blog. Nevis wanted to show her Mummy her new doggy friends and to capture on film her fun times, she had such a great time especially playing with Lucy most of the time : -)


Nevis with Lucy and Tiny

Nevis saying 'hello Mummy'

Nevis with her friend Judy

Enjoying a bit of sun, lol

Nevis with her friends where one goes they all tend to go, lol

Nevis playing with Lucy (they are best friends)

All waiting as good as gold for their dinners being made

Nevis ADORES teddies and playing : -)

Such a sweet dog, we all look forward to having Nevis here again on her next Doggy Holiday at