Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Blossoms enjoying her doggy holiday

This blog is dedicated to Blossoms human Mummy & Daddy and family, to show all Blossom’s fun times of her doggy holiday.

Blossom met some new doggy friends and really enjoyed their company and of course Blossom also enjoyed playing with Lucy again lol.
Blossom on a short holiday, enjoying meeting her new and old friends

Blossom and Judy

Blossom, Chicco, Lucy

Playtime - Blossom and her friends

Blossom enjoyed playing with Oscar the CavaPoo

We look forward to having Blossom stay with us again on her next already booked doggy holiday, it'll be so nice to see her again and Lucy is counting down the days already lol.

Give Blossom a big kiss from us all.

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