Monday, 13 July 2015

Lucy's Special Holiday in Wales.

Yippee another holiday just for me.... 
Got my favourite teddy with me, Mummy says we are going to the Valleys in Wales.

On top of Sugar Loaf mountain what a view.

Haha love the beach, like to feel my feet sink.

Yep, need a beech in my garden I think!

Love the National Trust places... Beautiful. 

Ughh it's like a cold bath this.

I can smell rabbits 

Someone has left a tap on?

Think I like it here 

Prefer to smell this, the water reminds me of bath time!

Wow a strange alien bug?

OMG is that tap still running!

OK let's move on now.

That's much better :)

I can see loads of interesting stuff 

Oh my, what a beautiful reflection I have.

Just catching in all the lovely smells.

I'm making my humans walk a lot again, hehe.
Haha humans have wet feet now, like me.

Wow, that's what I call a traffic jam!

This traffic jam has been nearly half an hour! It's so exciting. ... lol 

Don't think they know what a single file means lol.

We are at a Dinosaur and Showcaves attraction.

Are you sure Mummy I can go up and say "hello"?

Inside massive caves, with cave lights. It's so cool in here and exciting for me.

Love it here, hope I see a bat!

Follow me. ...

Want to come here more often. 
These caves are: ready made holes!

Wonder if this one is friendly?

These dinosaurs are massive.

Mummy told me I passed a Dinosaur on this photo but I don't see much with my nose to the floor, haha.

Think its bats I smell?

Come on Mummy & Daddy let's explore more.

Wish I could take all these delicious smells home with me.

See Mummy look I'm even socialised with these dinosaurs.

Think I will nosey in there, perhaps it's got some snacks to eat?

Wonder what they eat?

Must explore.

Little sniff down here.

Nope no food there!

Think it's time for me to walk very fast, so Daddy breaths very heavy :)

Come on Mummy let's explore up here.

Daddy is sighing as he says it's finally a down hill!

I think I smell a rabbit?

I did, must run after it.

Four miles later, and no rabbit can be found!

Did some one say "Dinner Time" ...... 
yes please!

On way home again after another amazing adventure. 

Looking forward to seeing all my doggy friends really soon. xx