Sunday, 5 April 2015

Toto enjoying his doggy holiday

Hi Mummy and Daddy
Having a fab time here, made new friends and training Jo to pamper my every need. (hehehe)

Lots of love
P.S Happy Easter :)

Think someone said Dinner Time?

Louis my bichon friend 

Love this gnome want one of these at home.

Just about to play in garden 

I'm pampered this is where my day bed is right next to radiator. ..... :)

You can see my day bed is raised higher with a cushion underneath. (Love it) hehe 

Me and Ziggy my friend, he came for his holiday the same day as me and will be going home the same day. We play together every day. He likes me chasing him. hahaha 

Yep, must get a gnome like that one.

Love it when it's sunny. .. yippee 

I have trained human to pre-warm this towel on radiator, so it's always nice and warm for when I want to get on my day bed. It's sooooo cozy :)

At night time I also get my bed in the bedroom heated up for me with warm water bottles under my bedding. And that's with the heating on all night. hehehe :)

Some more photos will be taken shortly bye for now love Toto. . Xxxx