Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tiny's First Doggy Holiday

This blog is dedicated to the owners of gorgeous little Tiny, just like his name he’s Tiny Chihuahua but got a huge playful personality. Tiny enjoyed his first ever doggy holiday and by the time his holiday ended he had made loads of new doggy friends and had such a lovely time as you’ll see by Tiny’s holiday photos below

Tiny on his first doggy holiday

Tiny's best friend Lucy

Tiny looking for someone to play with

It play time Tiny

Tiny's good play friend Oscar the CavaPoo

Tiny saying hello

Sleeping after such a playful day

Tiny and Lucy having a little nap together

back to more playtime Tiny

lazing together again

head to head .. fast asleep .. bless

oh yum yum times, Tiny LOVES this stag bar


Tiny is chewing on another one now, lol

he loves it ...

back to playtime

running and playing, getting toys

Tinys friends, another chihuahua called Chicco and Oscar

They look so cute

Tiny's best friend Lucy

Tiny liked to groom Lucy at night sometimes, lol

Looks like Tiny is trying to go off to bed, lol

What a splendid photo

Tiny's new friend called Nevis

On Tiny's last day of his holidays and still having fun.

Sending Tiny all our love
And looking forward to having Tiny stay again on his already booked next holiday
Give Tiny a huge kiss from all of us at Fern Villa

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