Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Lisa and Fudge saying hello to Mummy and Daddy whilst still on holiday. x


This blog is dedicated to the owners whilst their little babies are still on holiday at Fern Villa.

"They are the most adorable two little cavaliers"

Lisa and Fudge send all their love to their Mummy and Daddy


Lisa and Lora on a windy day

Lisa sends all her love to Mummy and Daddy x

Fudge with Lucy and Sushi

Lisa on her holidays

Both babies exploring and having fun

Lisa just moved from the photo, lol, Fudge and Lora

All three together now, saying hello

Such good friends

Fudge saying hello

Hello everybody

Fudge and Lisa liked Sushi when she stayed

Aww... so cute

Where one went they all followed


Sending loads of kisses see you soon,
Love Lisa and Fudge

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