Monday, 22 October 2012

Holly & Brian’s (Yorkshire Terriers) HOLIDAY PHOTOS : -)

This blog is dedicated to the owners of the most adorable couple of Yorkies called Holly & Brian.  We all really enjoyed having them here and they had a lovely time and made some new good friends as you will see by the photos below.
Brian saying hello

Holly looking for Lucy

Fun time in the garden

Enjoying exploring in the garden

Lucy says hello

Best seat in the house for doggies lol

better than watching telly : -)


Brian, Buddy and Lucy

All out playing and enjoying the lovely day

"So sweet"

having fun

loves playing
We look forward to having them stay with us again on their next special fun doggy holiday at FernVilla
All the very best to you all
Love Jo
p.s; give them both a kiss from us all : -)